View Full Version : 16-Month Results in Real-Time w Video, Dr. Gabel Patient Frontal Hairline, Portland

Steven Gabel, MD
01-30-2016, 06:51 AM
This patient is now 16 months following 3439 grafts to the frontal zone. These photos were taken 1 week ago as seen in the print out reporting on the snow storm in the east. I have taken the series of photos in real-time so we could observe how the hair transplant progresses and changed her appearance.

She normally has curly hair, but now is straightening her hair because the transplant allows her to style her hair differently. She told me that she is wearing her hair down, and now she has options to wear her hair back which she was never able to do with confidence. She is clearly satisified with the results or she would not have been returning for monthly photographs for the first 12 months and now she is coming back every few months until the 2-year mark. I have a short video to show the progress as well.

The video can be viewed at: