View Full Version : A New Hairline by Dr. Cooley, 1756 Grafts @ 9 Months

01-29-2016, 09:08 PM
This patient came to Dr. Cooley to discuss his minor hairline recession and what he felt was an overall weak frontal zone. The crown was also discussed but Dr. Cooley dismissed the idea of surgery as it was too early to address and he felt that alternative methods would be beneficial.

The frontal zone was address with 1756 grafts with the goal of filling in the pockets of recession and strengthening the frame of the patient's face. The patient had already been on finasteride, 1mg per day, for one year and he reported zero side effects and no further loss. After explaining options to the patient it was agreed that a PRP/ACell session would also be performed. The result shown is at nine months post-op for the hairline and you'll see that the crown has moderate improvements courtesy of the PRP/ACell approach.