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01-28-2016, 07:29 PM
This is a repost from ************ because I'm lazy, but I wanted to get another forum's opinion.

So I've finally given in. I've been voraciously lurking around Hair Loss forums for the past year or so, debating whether to join or not, or if joining would somehow catalyst a further descent into hair loss by acknowledging it's real.

Nonetheless, I resolved that I wouldn't worry about hair loss till I tuned 18 and had a job, mainly because I didn't want to bother my parents about it. They're compeletely supportive and do so much for me, but I can't bare to worry them more about another issue I have (coupled with asthma, allergies (specifically to gluten), genetically high blood pressure, etc. I'm not the most genetically lucky.

Now, having tuned 18 just 4 days ago, and with a new job, I've taken the nose dive into symbolically both my adulthood and with that, hair loss.

Here's my journey: (I'll post pictures in the next post to keep this shorter)
1. I first noticed I was receding at the tail end of 16, I didn't really take much notice because I was positive no one goes bald until 40.

2. Around 17, it started to bug me. I began researching male pattern baldness and receding hairlines, eventually I came across the whole mature hairline deal, and that gave me peace for awhile.

3. I probably would still be content with the "mature hairline" explanation if it weren't for the miniaturization beyond my hairline. Basically, it's not good. I'm blond, so terminal hairs turning to vellus hairs looks awful, and I noticed this when I got a short haircut.

4. I'll admit I'm a pretty vain person, I don't think a receding hairline looks bad, in fact it looks fairly cool to a degree. I'm 80% confident that my hairline will continue receding, and by the looks of it, I HAVE to start something now, doctor's advice or not.

WHY I'm balding:
To not bore you with more writing (I'm an aspiring writer to some extent, pardon the long post) I've concluded that because my dad has amazing hair at 50, and my grandpa only had one bald spot and little recession at 68 when he died, my hair loss is DEFINITELY from my mom's ****ty side.
I love her but she gave me **** genetics, and because I rarely ever see my maternal grandpa I forgot he was bald. When I realized that HE might have passed down MPB, I was a tad upset.
My mom has very thin hair that she passed down to me, so I imagine if she were male she would be bald, unfortunately I get the results.
TLR: It's MPB and not a bad diet, I'm healthy and fit.

Here's my hair loss journey from an original picture I took at 16, to now.

I've always had an incredible large forehead, and my hairline has always been high from birth.

Here we go:

I'm on mobile if that's why those image don't work.
The last two of my side profile were taken right now.

I think I'm a Norwood 1.5, considering I was basically born a Norwood 1 that's not horrible. But I know I'm a candidate to go bald early. What I don't know if it's agressively.

My final question is regarding treatment. I've ordered Rogaine but I don't know if I should start, I know it comes with a big shed and I'm a little hesitant about that.

As for Nizoral shampoo, that's one of the Big Three I haven't done much research on. My understanding is that it doesn't do much but supplement the other two.

As for Fin, I'm only 18. I'm not worried about sexual side effects but moreso messing up growth and hormones and what not. If worst comes to worst, I'd talk to my doctor about it.

That's my story. Start Rogaine right away? Or should I reconsider.

01-31-2016, 12:40 AM
Hey guys I'd really really appreciate the advice. Sorry if my post was too long or something.

01-31-2016, 12:50 AM
Rogaine will certainly slow it down. Use it properly twice per day. See if that holds you until you feel you're done with puberty and ready to let fin do its thing.

01-31-2016, 06:23 AM
Looking at your hair and that you are young, I would perhaps only take finasteride 1.25 twice a week.

Mondag morning and thursday nighttime.

And see what happens a -1 year from now.

Most choose black and white method when it come to finasteride.

Full or none.

But this approach "a few times" could work better since you are only 18,

Why waiting a few years without any dht blocker at all.