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01-28-2016, 01:11 PM
Hey guys. So i've been monitoring my hairline/crown for the last 2(ish) years and there has been no change. Also from old photos I can see it's remained virtually the same. I have a natural widows peak and a V shaped hairline. Always have. So it's made me a bit self concious. Anyway....

I have 2 questions maybe you intelligent guys could answer?!

1) Body Hair. Now I have read that body hair doesn't really indicated MPB. But it obviously indicates higher levels of DHT, right? I wouldn't say i'm super hairy, but I do have body hair and it's worried me re: body hair = MPB....

But if I'm correct, body hair is due to the androgen receptors reacting to DHT. So would that mean you get your body hair genes from your mother's side? Because the amount of body hair = androgen receptors = X chromosome = mother. Would that make sense? I presume this is where the Maternal blame came from for MPB.

2) If I have hair on my chest, upper arms and a bit on my back (I get rid of back hair.. but there's not much) then that would indicate DHT right? and obviously I'm genetically more hairy that some but less hairy than others... If MPB was to occur why would it not occur when body hair starts to come in or is in full bloom?

Because obviously there's high enough levels of DHT and correct androgen conditions for someone to develop body hair.. and I know a lot of people start losing hair as they start noticing increasing body hair.... But why does it take longer for others? I've had this kind of body hair for some years now.. and thankfully noticed no recession or thinning.... Would this give validity to the X chromosome/Maternal side of MPB?

Would the more hair I get on my body = more MPB? Again.. it hasn't caused it YET.

For your information, my father was pretty bald before he died in his mid 50s and my mothers grandfather had some recession but good hair (until he started chemo and it thinned out a bit)

Here's to hoping I got my mothers side's genes (which can come from her mother not her father, right?) ... And not my fathers. I'm nearly 25 by the way.

If you haven't noticed I have an anxiety disorder (legitimately) and this bothers me. But with me saying i've yet to notice any thinning I truly hope I havent offended anyone. I know people must get annoyed by people like me...

01-30-2016, 01:32 PM


I know the Androgen Receptor gene lies on the X chromosome from my mother but I am aware it can be passed from Father to son.... I am yet, however, able to find anywhere that tells me why other than "sons of bald fathers are more likely to be bald"

Couldn't this not be from the father? Rather, balding from the mothers side somewhere in the family other than the father (maybe a trait from your grandmothers male relatives - as your X chromosome come from the grandmother?)

I am just trying to understand how if DHT is the leading cause of hairloss (based on it's reaction to the androgen receptors in your hair follicles which come from the mother) then what genes play the role from the father?

And how do medications such as Propecia help the majority of people (as it is a DHT blocker) if the genes that react to DHT are on the X chromosome, from the mother?? Does DHT react with paternal genes? Outside of the receptors?