View Full Version : Where to order finasteride online

01-27-2016, 10:20 AM
Hi guys! I once ordered finasteride from a website called United pharmacies, but after taking it for about a year I got the feeling that maybe I had just purchased a placebo, I noticed absolutely no difference, including no side effects whatsoever. After that I was given a prescription for the generic finasteride from my doctor, but only a month supply and it was definitely doing something because I felt some of the side effects and I did notice Some really dark thicker hair coming up here and there. I would love to find a website online where I can order finasteride without a prescription if possible, I don't want to go back to United pharmacies because I see lots of reviews online that they have been fishy with credit card fraud. Sorry for the long story but if anyone knows a trusted website to order please let me know!