View Full Version : I have to find the best SMP practitioner. Please help.

01-25-2016, 07:32 PM
Started losing hair at 14. Had massive amount of transplants in the mid 90's. Done by a transplant surgeon considered one of the best (in the world!). In time, most of the transplants didn't last. Tried everything!!---Don't have much hair left---norwood 7. Have strip scars on back of my head. I got permanent SMP done at a reputable establishment. It was a decent job, but they wouldn't take my "hairline" quite as far forward as I wanted. I didn't want it unnaturally forward or too linear---as so many pictures on smp sites display. Just a tad less recession, and still a natural, feathered, non-linear look. They wouldn't do it. So, I went to another large establishment. They went way too far with the hairline, and made it very unnatural and linear. They also went too dark, and the dots were too close together. Now,,...I've gotten all of the ink lasered off with the Picosure laser. I am trying to find someone who is very experienced with temporary smp. Or, I would even consider permanent smp, if they can show me that it can be done as well as temp. smp.----without turning blue over time. Someone with experience "inking" scars to match the rest of my head as closely as possible. I realize that the scarred area will never completely match, but I feel it can be done better than was done in the past. I'm sure this topic has come up on this site, but I don't have time to search through every post. I need the same person to do each smp session. This was another problem I had at both prior smp places. Anyone who has good advice on the best places in the US (or Canada..if needed) to get realistic, high quality smp---please let me know!!!! And, not just a statement like: "such and such place is the best"---but please give a reason as to why a particular Dr. is good , and/or why a particular procedure is better than another. I've been to so many different smp sites, and even talked to people at different places. All they do is put down the other companies and tell me that they are the only ones doing it right. I am SO tired of this nonsense. I need some unbiased help! Thanks!