View Full Version : [20M] Mature hairline or going bald? Crown thinning? Wide Part?

01-24-2016, 04:52 PM
I've been growing my hair out for a while. It's coming along nicely, and it helps me hide my recessed temples. I'm probably about a NW2 right now. I know that sometimes a NW2 is a mature hairline but other times, it can be the first stage of MPB. I've read that the typical indicator of mature NW2 hairline is recession of the temples but with no crown thinning what-so-ever. However, if there is crown thinning, it's MPB.

I've always had a high hairline, and a widow's peak ever since I was little. Maybe it's just me noticing it now and getting freaked out, but I think the "wedge" has grown to a sharper angle than it was before. Also, I'm not sure if the part in my hair is indicative of thinning or if my crown is thinning. I've never grown my hair out before, so I was wondering if my part is normal or wide. I'm probably just over analyzing every little thing right now because I'm so stressed out and scared of having MPB.

Here are some pictures:

My part: http://imgur.com/rjAYOur

My crown: http://imgur.com/xw67CbN

My temples: http://imgur.com/qBEUmOK http://imgur.com/79m9Svt

Hairline: http://imgur.com/fgaB8L3