View Full Version : Balding - how can it happen so quick!!

01-22-2016, 06:39 PM
I suppose I understand the scientific answer to this, but I am still just frustrated beyond belief. Has anyone on here experienced such rapid MPB that they've lost literally half their hair in 1.5 years?? I am not exaggerating. I am looking at pics of my camping trip to Colorado and it's making me sick. I had greasy, wet hair and no real visible bald spots.. I was 32.... Well, now I am 33 and when my hair is wet, the entire head looks near bald, once again no exaggeration. How is it that minox, fin, nizoral, healthy diet, so on and so forth can't even remotely bring this back, in the slightest?? I am going to go from thick haired in family photos to completely bald in another 6 months if this shit doesn't f*cking slow down...
I suppose I will give this post SOME meaning and ask if any one else has experienced such rapid thinning. I did have TE a couple times, so that explains a lot. I just cannot seem to come to terms with this. I need this sh*t to be under my damn control! If DUT and higher strength compounded minox doesn't work, obviously I am done. With all the sh*t I have done, I am just afraid to try anything else. I never believed in a strict god, but always have had faith in the concept. Now I do, and I honestly believe he is f*cking me for some unknown reason. haha

10-23-2016, 11:06 AM
Hey James,

I hope this reply hasn't found you too late. I started seeing a rapid loss closer to 10 years earlier than you.. so I get it. It f*cking suck.s

Just wanted to let you know there is hope out there with the FUE (no scar) procedure. It really does work, did for me. Hope to talk more, if you haven't found peace.

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