View Full Version : hyperthyroidism vs mpb

01-22-2016, 09:44 AM
Hi guys ,
I have been suffering from a major hair loss for the past 6-7 months .I lose some 200 - 300 strands of hair everyday .Its become my daily routine as soon as I go to the office to clean up my keyboard as I see loads of hair on it. Also my temples have a receded deep and the hair at the top of the scalp is very thin and all this occurred in a span of an year .Can MPB progress this fast cause when I see my photos taken a year before I have a normal hair line and I never thought a day will come where I will be concerned with my hair loss.
I researched a bit and found that what I have been experiencing lately matches with the symptoms of hyperthyroidism(fatigue, very dry brittle hair ,hunger etc).So can hyperthyroidism cause hair loss in a pattern ?No one in my family has hair loss and they dont take me seriously when I complain about the hair loss.It has come to the point where my father(around 50 years old) has better hair than me :( .
Thanks in adavance guys