View Full Version : 23, am I balding? Where do I start??

01-18-2016, 03:14 AM
Hello! I'm 23 and have recently noticed my hair is receding at the temples and it looks like I'm thinning/bald spot on the crown. I'd like any advice atal and what nw scale am I? Do I start on fin? Also how easy is this to get in the uk?


01-18-2016, 09:06 AM
Rhuari1, first of all, WELCOME to the best hairloss forum there is, The 'BTT'...
There are quite a few members, like myself, who are sincere in our endeavors to help others using commonsense and facts. Especially the very young.
Rhuari1, honestly speaking, your hair still looks very GOOD.
Of course YOU see a change to your own scalp BUT,
I would imagine that MOST of other people around you have not really NOTICED a change.
They probably see a change in their own hairlines as well, depending on their age.
It looks like you are, at this point in time, ONLY experiencing a maturing hairline.
That happens to most of all men from their teenage years through to their 20s.
Rhuari1 you MIGHT NOT develop any serious hair loss but no one can really know.
The thing that you must do for yourself is to become and STAY positive by accepting what your hair is looking like. (looks good!)
Of course your hairline does not look like it did when you were so very young.
You are still a young man but you are no longer a teenager..of course.
Hair maturity is a FACT of life.
Now what you can do is this, start to take the multivitamin, Biotin.
It has a long history of helping ones hair,,men and women alike.
Later on if needed,,you can start also using Minoxidil (one of the brand names is 'Rogaine')

Again,,stay positive and do not ALLOW the thought of hairloss to affect you!
Stress WILL damage your hair and eventually your health.

01-18-2016, 12:53 PM
Hope to hear from you soon Rhuari1!