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01-15-2016, 10:27 PM
Hello All!

Long time lurker. I recently had my first FUT session (Age 27) and I am day 4 post-op. Everything looks normal so far but given my MPB I will definitely return for another session in a year for my crown and increased density. Although my post-op instructions were very clear there are some suggestions that vary from doctor to doctor...

1. When can I resume taking multi-vitamins?
2. When can I take Biotin/MSM/Saw Palmetto?
3. To reduce donor scar, when can I realistically go back to working out? I do heavy lifiting routines 5x a week

4. Perhaps my most important concern...It was highly suggested that I take 1mg Fin but given that I've always had low libido I am very weary on the side-effects... I did a lot of research five years back and I quickly ran away from this given some of the permanent effects I've read about. Given that I've always had low libido should I still try it?

01-16-2016, 04:03 AM
Hi Vector ,

I'm 4 weeks post op from FUT also . First off , as always mentioned , you should direct your questions to your surgeon.

Just my own opinions on some of your points :

1) As far as I know , these can be taken immediately post op.
2) This is a question for your surgeon.
3) The last thing you want is stretching of the scar . Heavy lifting is not recommended at all , at least for a good period of time . Personally , I'll leave it at least 3 months , possibly 6 . I'd be interested in others opinions on this .I'll probably do lighter dumbbell work for a few months making sure no strain is placed around the neck muscles .The last thing I want to do after the commitment and expense of a HT is to compromise the results for the sake of a few months .
4) Fin - I've got similar major concerns on this . I'm older and at a high NW , so debatable whether I may even benefit from Fin anyway . There's no absolute correct answer on this for your situation . You may not suffer any sides anyway , but all you can do is weigh up the pros an cons as they relate to you .

Your at the exact same stage as me , so interested how you get along .

Quick question - are you 21 or 27 ?

01-21-2016, 04:34 AM
You're already taking Saw palmetto, which has the same side effects as Finasteride (but hasn't been proven to work).

What is "heavy" lifting? (Everybody has their own definition). If you are actually a powerlifter or serious bodybuilder, I would be extremely cautious about not causing the donor scar to stretch. It can reportedly happen months after surgery. These are all questions you should have asked your doctor (and regarding the donor scar, and starting Propecia, you still should).