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01-15-2016, 08:31 AM
After years of casually looking at this forum without joining, hoping for someone to post news about ' the cure', I've decided to join and share my story. Hoping it will make me feel better! My hair started thinning at 18, around the crown, and after much self pity, and sleepless nights. I went to see my doctor; he told me about the two FDA approved treatments: minoxidil, and propecia. I instantaneously started taking both as the doctor assured me they were both safe, and neglected to tell me of any side effects. I realise also that I was too impulsive, and should have researched Finasteride further. But, I was 18 and loosing my hair, I probably would have taken the pills anyways if I knew the possible consequences. Anyways, I carried on taking both treatments for 4 years -without any side effects- and my hair was back to the way it was. It was a great time! Then I started to become depressed: not wanting to go to nightclubs with friends- which was my life up to that point, not bothering with girls, or my university course. Just feeling really shitty. Then the worst thing happened: after being convinced to attend a night out; I met a girl. We went back to mine, started getting intimate, however, my penis wouldn't get hard enough for intercourse. Thinking thus was a one off, I put it to the back of my mind, until I realised : i hadn't had an erection in a long time. Not nocturnal, or in the morning. I immediately went to my doctors, only to be told that I was fine, and the only reason I hadn't achieved one was because I was worrying about it. Bullshit! But I believed the doctors. It wasn't until I continued at this state for a few more months, that I discovered it was Finasteride which was causing my impodence. The doctor told me if I discoursed my treatment, I would go back to normal. Well, three years later: I still can't get a nocturnal or morning erection. However, I can get a semi if I'm aroused. My doctor just fogs me off, with its mental, my T levels are all normal, and won't believe the damage that I have clearly done to my hormones. Now, to present day; my hair is thinning profusely at the vertex, I've tried laser therapy treatment, minoxidil. Almost anything ever written as a possible cure for MPB.Its sad, but unfortunately I care that much about my hair. Nothing works anywhere near as well as Finasteride. Furthermore, due to the fact that I may never get my penis back to what it was; I'm contemplating going back on propecia. However, cutting down my consumption to three pills a week. The side effects I have encountered, are all my fault, my vanity has come at a price. I just wanted to share my story with others!