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01-14-2016, 10:25 PM

Been in this forum for quite sometime now and this is my first post.
Im too lazy to type but here it is.

Been losing hair from early 30s (Im 40s now) i was an expat in Singapore back then and tried to consult a hair regrowth clinic using chinese herbs back there and got an amazing result. I was just about starting to loose hair that time that even my boss notice it and the barber.
When the treatment gets expensive, I started using Finasteride and minoxidil 2% under the name Regaine. 2% is the max you can get in Singapore. I got Finasteride in Thailand without prescription from the doctor and the result was amazing.

When I came to the US many years later, I cant get a finasteride from the doctor anddidnt bother it i still have hair about norwood 2A and Minox 5% made my scalp red and inflamed. I simply cant use the foam and topical.

When my daughter was born years after, my head was already about norwood 4 and in 2010 Im at norwood 5A.

I tried hair again, the Natural cure guide. That thing is just a waste of $ but the essential oils mentioned in that guide helps conditioned my scalp to recieve 5% minox foam without any itch. after few mos I found out where to buy finasteride without presc. overseas.

I had great result that I dont hide baldness anymore. I used to wear hats everywhere I go and avoid social gathering. Confidence is lost until I got my hair back.

Here are the photos dated 09/26/15.
Will post latest when I have the time.

3mos minoxidil and 4 weeks Finasteride 1 mg

7mos minox and 4 mos Finasteride

9 mos minoxidil and 6 mos finasteride.
that thin area of hair you see was bald before.