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01-13-2016, 07:29 AM
Hey guys, i dont know if you guys watched the radio show yesterday, i am the 16 year old from arizona. Let me just say that it was an honor to talk to those guys , theyre really great and i appreciate there input. I just have a few questions and i was wondering if there was a way you guys could help me answer them. Is there a way or any test i can go get to check if this is mpb or not , can i go to a hair specialist and get a certain test to get done to check forsure? And also what are the chances that i could actually have telogen effluvium? I read somewhere that in males , 95 percent of the time hair loss is due to genetics, what are the chances that i actually belong to the 5 percent ?

01-14-2016, 01:35 AM
Hi there,

Ive not had chance to listen to the show yet but hopefully will soon.

You are young indeed to potentially be experiencing MPB, so chances are you might well just be you are forming a adult hair loss pattern. You can always reach out to Dr Scott Alexander in Phoenix in who is a very experienced HT surgeon to obtain his opinion on your hair loss situation separately as obviously he will not recommend any surgery but he can give you his ethical experienced opinion on your hair and hopefully try help advise you on whether or not you are experiencing MPB.

His site : www.biltmorehairrestoration.com