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01-11-2016, 10:53 AM
Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and I am seeking some advice. I'm 21 years old and my receding hair line seems to be getting worse. I don't use any treatment on my hair and about 3 months ago I started using shampoo for thinning hair hoping it would improve something but no results I am considering getting the Rogaine foam but I've read that it doesn't do anything to your hair line. I'm not expecting my full hairline back but I would like to stop this from happening. I have really thick good hair so the fact that this happening to me pisses me off. Any advice?


01-11-2016, 11:21 AM
Hello there Mrod126 and welcome to this forum, BTT.

First of all, your hair looks good! Yes , it seems as though you are experiencing a maturing of your hairline BUT keep in mind that, that is a NORMAL experience for most all men at that age and younger.
I know that when I was 19 I could see a maturing of my hairline.
I DID NOT ALLOW it to anger of worry me, thankfully.

I had learned at the age of 19 that it is a normal part of growing up.
I also learned that if I were to ALLOW a change in my hairline to worry and or stress me out, that more than likely I would lose much more hair than I normally would.
Mrod', please keep that in mind.
You do not want to allow yourself to become worried and stressed-out over a possibility of hairloss.
Again, your hair looks GOOD. Thats the TRUTH.
Can you post photos of your hair, back and sides? Of course there is no need to show your face,,as you already know.
I feel compelled to also talk about this fact of life,
because you are only 21 years old, your brain has not finished its growing phase.
The human brains neocortex is at the front of ones brain.
It finishes growing for all humans at the mid to the late 20s.
Once your brain Mrod' has completed growing the neocortex ,
you then do have proper FORESIGHT...the ability to predict the consequences of your actions.
Im not trying to insult you bro, when you are older, you will look back on your actions of the past and then realize that you should not have become "pissed off" about this.
Guys like me,, much older than you, do have that proper foresight now.
Again, do not become worried and stressed out.
Your scalp might NOT become bald.. who knows.
I suggest that you start taking the multivitamin , Biotin. It IS helpful for men and women.
You do have good hair at this point in time so ENJOY life as best as you can bro!!

01-11-2016, 12:13 PM
Thanks for the reply and much needed insight Artista. I am not letting this get to me as I have bigger things to worry about in life such as school and work. But it's very difficult to not be annoyed by this. Is there any way you can link me which biotin I should use?


01-11-2016, 03:35 PM
First of all Mrod126,
THANK YOU for posting those 4 new photos of your hair that I had asked of you to do!

Honestly, your hair looks great!
I believe that you are only experiencing a maturing hairline and thats all!
If I saw that you were losing your hair I would honestly tell you but I do not see that happening!
Lucky you bro!!
Thanks again... as far as the Biotin is concerned,
I have been using the brand name-
"Nature Made" high potency Biotin @ 2500 mcg
its for healthy hair, skin and nails!
Another brand that I have is-
"Spring Valley" Biotin @ 1000 mcg
Of course, it is also for healthy hair, skin and nails!
Its been proven for many years that 1000 mcg Biotin
is very good for hair improvements.
(No real need to buy 2500 mcg biotin as I understand it)

Thanks again for responding and posting pics Mrod'...I so wish that I had hair like yours bro!
Of course I have been accepting of what is for today,,,I do NOT ALLOW hairloss to sway or to hold my life back from being happy.
I wont allow my hairloss to ruin my life at all!!
(of course NO ONE wants to become bald or to have hairloss, but it is what it is)

01-11-2016, 05:27 PM
Honestly you should start Rogaine twice a day. You're definitely miniaturized up front, that will help preserve hair.

It's just as effective in the front as it is anywhere else. They can only claim crown loss because that's the only area tested in clinical trials. It won't regrow a hairline but you still have yours. It certainly will slow loss there and thicken hairs.