View Full Version : 3134 FUE Grafts by Dr. Lupanzula, Medikemos Clinic in Brussels

Medikemos Clinic
01-10-2016, 08:17 PM
Hello to everyone on The Bald Truth forum.

For this week we are happy to present another FUE case by Dr. Lupanzula and the team at Medikemos Clinic in Brussels.

This patient presented with a NW 4A hair loss pattern and because of his loss he resorted to shaving his head to help lessen the visual impact.

Dr. Lupanzula consulted with the patient and after learning about his case he suggested approximately 3000 grafts would be necessary to address the frontal zone. In the end, Dr. Lupanzula extracted 3134 follicular units himself, without the use of technicians, for the result you see here. We hope you like it:)


Don't forget, Dr. Lupanzula is in London on January 23rd so if you would like to learn more about Medikemos FUE please contact us as soon as possible.