View Full Version : Hair thin on the sides of my head! Any advice welcome :)

01-08-2016, 03:38 PM

I have only just started to notice it more as I have normally shave the sides of my head but I decided to grow it out. My hair is thin on the sides of my head and I don't know why. I also think that Ive had this for so many years so I don't know if its just genetic. I remember around 10 years ago somebody actually mentioned that my hair is thin on the sides. It just looks weird as my hair is thick on top and then my sides are thin :/

Also, I am probably a NW2. My hair has slowly receded over the last 4/5 years. I tried fin but I couldn't hack it :( used minox on and off and also niz + regenepure.

Anyways, can anybody help me with this. Thanks!