View Full Version : My experience with some extracts

01-06-2016, 09:24 PM
I have been taking what a lot of people have in their regimen and I just thought to share what I have noticed. So far I have been taking 3 extracts for over 6 months. They are black tea extract, green tea and grape seed. Before taking anything, when I used to tug at my hair to see how much would come out there would always be over 5 hairs that just come out very easily. Also when at the sink I would run my hand though my hair and shake it to see how much would just come out, and in the sink I would always count 20-30 hairs.

Now after 6 months of taking these things, I noticed I can only pull 1 hair out and most times nothing comes out. Over the sink there is always less than 5 hairs.

So the main thing here is that if this can slow down how much hair I lose as much as possible then I think that is pretty good. It won't stop recession completely but slowing it down is nice.