View Full Version : Long term hair transplant and finasteride

01-06-2016, 01:30 PM
Hello, 28 year old male here. Like most here I am suffering from MPB and I am trying to put together a long term plan. I would like to send out a thank you to the users of this forum since I have spent many hours researching before registering.
Unfortunately I do not have the necessary equipment to upload photos now, but I would say I am a Norwood 2 with one side of my hairline more receded than the other. I also have some minor thinning in the crown. My hair is overall thick and above average in density for a man my age. 6 months ago I visited a dermatologist to ask about my hair. He checked it and confirmed I had some minor thinning in the crown and also in the front. I have a double cowlick in my crown and have received some comments on it over the years so I have monitored my hair for years already.
The dermatologist said that on a scale of balding, not being bald that I was 1-2 out of 10. I wanted to get finasteride to attack the problem directly. He said my hair loss was so minor that he would not prescribe it to me and that I should try minox instead. I left, but was determined to attack the root of the problem and got myself a prescription from another doctor. So far I am 6 months in and have zero sides. I may have some improvement in the crown, but it is hard to say due to the cowlicks and how my hair parts, but I am quite confident it is not worse. I also see some small weak hairs coming in at my hairline that I hope will continue to thicken and grow. Like I said I have done a lot of research, but I still have some questions I hope someone here could help with.
The first one relate to family history. My father is a Norwood 6 I would say. His sides are quite high, but approximately Norwood 6. He started too bald really early and had bad hair in his early 20s and was about Norwood 6 by the time he was 30-32 and remained that way. His father was similar, but his older brother has a full head of hair at almost 70. On my mother’s side her two brothers have good hair, their father my maternal grandfather had hair, but receded temples and diffused out in his older days before he died. I don’t know if he had much thinning in his crown or not. I have two brothers, one is 35 and he has a full head of hair and one that is 26 that is following in my father’s footsteps. He has just started finasteride, but if he did not he would probably be like my father at 30-32 also. Since my hair loss seem quite slow and not as aggressive as my fathers and younger brothers I am wondering if I am heading towards Norwood 6 or am I following my maternal grandfathers pattern? Is onset and aggressiveness inherited?
I am thinking of a hair transplant for my hairline in 2-4 years’ time. I just want to ensure that finasteride halts my hair loss. I keep reading that one should use finasteride if one is going to have a transplant to retain as much as possible of the native hair. This makes sense, but I also see numerous people all over the internet saying they lost grown on finasteride after 5-8 years. Say that I have a transplant in 2 years after maxing out my results from finasteride, I get the transplant and have a nice symmetrical Norwood 1 or 2 hairline, but then finasteride stops working after 5 years and I go to Norwood 6…. What I am wondering is if is it possible to loose so much grown even on finasteride? Secondly when/ at what age will be “safe” for me to get a transplant?