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Dr. Lindsey
01-05-2016, 10:58 AM
This 30's year old professional had 3000 grafts + PRFM a year ago. He flew through DC and I took a video at 6 months.

Its been about 12 months now, and we're doing a second case. Hopefully he'll chime in to this post and hopefully he'll come through DC next Christmas for final pics.

He got a very decent scar the first time which I excised this visit. He probably still could get 1500 via MFUE if the mood strikes him down the road.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

His SIX month video is here. Honestly we got to talking and I didn't video his head until things had gotten going this time.


01-05-2016, 11:57 AM
Dr. Lindsey,
What are your perspectives on large sessions with diffused thinners. I have diffused thinning all over the scalp, with extremely diffused thinning in the MPB prone areas. A couple more months on finasteride and, the way things are going, I will have determined it does not work for me. I have had one transplant, of 900 grafts, primarily in the left temple region and in the center, which was obviously a bad mistake and looks unusual as there is no density because I have lost my native hair. With all this in mind, would you be willing to consider the following.

- a large hair transplant spaced out in 2-3 sessions consisting of up to 5 or 6k grafts, given I have the donor supply, which I believe I do. My hair texture and density is from my Persian side. It is very coarse and I believe has an adequate density

- The goal of the procedure would be to 1) recreate a soft, moderately dense hair line and b) create an even amount of diffused thin hair throughout the rest of the scalp

- I would definitely op for PRFM with this procedure, as I believe that, coupled with transplantation, it is beneficial

- My expectations are to not even have the illusion of a full head of hair, rather for the hair line to look NORMAL and hair to be evenly distributed through the midscalp and crown, with it even a bit thinner in the crown.

- I would want you to literally ignore all my native hair and treat the procedure as if I was a NW6. I DON NOT want to worry about hair loss again. I want to be content.

These are A LOT of variables to describe obviously and I fully understand a consultation would be required. I am writing this to get an idea if any of the procedures you have done resemble these requests. The main point being - have you ever had a patient who knew he was losing his hair and just wanted to recreate his entire scalp.

01-05-2016, 08:39 PM
Dr. Lindsey,

Thank you for doing my cases. I'm extremely happy with the results of my first case and I am looking forward to my second case maturing.


For anyone reading this post that is considering a hair transplant, I highly recommend that you consult Dr. Lindsey. Aside from his skill as a surgeon, who produces great natural-looking results and some of the best scars in the business in my opinion (if not the best scars), he's extremely ethical. This was as important to me as his surgical skill when I was consulting with different hair-transplant doctors.

The reason I valued integrity so highly during this process is because I wanted to know what could realistically be achieved, given my degree of baldness (which is a lot) and my hair characteristics (which aren't great), instead of being sold on a procedure where I'd be disappointed with the results. This way I could make a more informed decision and perform a better cost/benefit analysis for having the procedure. So, when consulting with Dr. Lindsey, I really appreciated that he gave me his honest opinion on any question that I asked. In addition to answering all my questions during my consultation, he showed me cases of patients that he's done, where the patients had similar degrees of baldness, skin color and hair color/characteristics as me, so I could see results that I could realistically expect. He also explained to me that since I have fine straight hair, I shouldn't expect the results of someone that has thick wavy hair, which generally produces the best results and are the ones that are generally advertised. During my consultation, he also let me talk to a patient that was having a procedure done, so that I could ask him questions about his experience, including how painful the procedure was. (Regarding the pain, it's about the same as getting a flu shot.)

During this whole process, I never felt like he was trying to sell me on having a procedure. Instead, I got the feeling that he didn't want me to have the procedure if I was going to be disappointed with the results.

Finally, when it came time to having the procedure, he told me about how he started to offer PRFM to his patients and that he "thought" that it helped transplanted hair grow, so that I would see results earlier. However, he made sure to let me know that he didn't "know" whether it helped transplanted hair grow. (After getting to know Dr. Lindsey a little bit during my two procedures, I've found out that he's very skeptical of any "claimed results," if the results aren't backed up by a reliable study, which is probably why he didn't want to assure me of any results. See low-level laser therapy for hair restoration.) After having PRFM done on my first procedure and seeing a couple of other results that Dr. Lindsey has showed me, I also "think" it helps.

As an aside, Dr. Lindsey's head nurse, Wendy, is extremely friendly and is great during the whole procedure and follow-up.

In sum--Dr. Lindsey, highly recommended.

Hope that might be of some help to someone looking for a HT doctor. If someone has any additional questions about my experience with Dr. Lindsey, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Dr. Lindsey
02-03-2016, 10:22 AM
First off, thanks to the patient for chiming in.

Next, these questions:
If someone is diffusely thinning well the donor area maybe thin too and so all you can get is a smaller graft count. At some point you have to decide is it even worth it or not. I hate it when someone comes in desperate and there just isn't anything to work with. More common in females....who need the highest density just to get marginally happy.... but it does happen in men. I had a cook from a nearby restaurant roll in with stacks of cash that he'd saved for years....and he MAYBE had 2000 grafts via one strip and 1200 from a second and was class 7.... I had to tell him given his expectations of a full head of hair he was not a candidate. I'd bet money he went elsewhere with that stack of cash and had a little hair sprinkled around his head and will be upset.

Given your hair...thick and middle eastern...I can accomplish a lot. Probably will take 2 cases, possibly a small third but its a fight I would almost certainly win. If you are interested, call the office or send an email with pics. Yes we do at least 80 guys a year who are starting or finishing up a 2 case deal, which sounds a lot like you.

Dr. Lindsey