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01-03-2016, 07:01 PM
Hey everyone, Happy new year!

Been on finasteride for 10 months now and here are some bullet points of what's happened. Any advice is seriously appreciated!

- lost about 30% density in front, lost 20% density in crown and diffused thin every where else, where it was previously thick

- increased anxiety (although this may be due to the more rapid hair loss)

- Bouts of insomnia. one week I will sleep well and the next I have horrible trouble sleeping, even with sleep medication

- erections while sleeping! This one is weird, because I have never had this, not even once since a teenager. Now I will wake up multiple times every night with a full erection.

- scalp sensations - itchiness, especially at hair line and tingling crawling sensations

- rapidly fluctuating libido - some days I have to masterbate or have sex multiple times, some days, virtually no sexual desire at all

I know there's not much anyone can say about this, but I am hoping some one can share some experience or advice. I am thinking, while my DHT is low, that there has been a increase in testosterone and this is what's causing the increase in hair loss.

who says stick with it and who says throw in the towel?

01-03-2016, 07:34 PM
I had the same experience as you from the moment I started. Within 1-2 weeks (started in January) massive thinning in the temples, specifically my left temple and lasted all the way until early July when I stopped for a little bit. Quite frankly it's almost funny when I or anyone else posts something like that and someone instantly jumps to propecia's defense: Stop blaming propecia, you would've lost that hair anyway who knows where you'd be without propecia... probably with a lot more hair seeing as how I was doing pretty well beforehand. Or "it's just the shed." Any treatment that causes a shed for 10 months isn't a hair loss treatment. You take propecia for cosmetic reasons, and if you or I or anyone else look cosmetically worse for 10 months at a degenerative rate, it may not be the appropriate "treatment" for you. I did have a transplant with Rahal in July. I'm at the 5.5 mark now so we'll see how it grows in because there's still a lot to be desired. But I'd consider hopping off the finasteride for a short while and just see if your hair improves at all. Well documented cases of reflex hyperandrogenicity do exist.

01-24-2016, 11:53 AM
I don't know if this will help you at all, but after stopping finasteride for about a month now, my temple points (triangles) are finally thickening up again.