View Full Version : Diffues Thinning- Advice

01-02-2016, 03:27 PM

I believe I have diffuse thinning in the mid-scalp. I started losing my hair at age 23. I am not 32, and thanks to finasteride and minox, I have held off going bald. Still my hairs or less or thinned and I want to know if surgery can help me. I have a tuft/widows peak of strong hairs. I have good donor hairs.

What can be done? Thank you!

01-03-2016, 05:41 AM
Transplants for diffuse thinning can be risky - surgery can accelerate your hair loss ("telogen effluvium" or shock loss) especially in the areas where grafts are placed (but anywhere on your head where you have "at risk" hairs can be affected). You're not a great candidate for this reason. Any doctor who says that shock loss won't affect you - ask them for a written guarantee. See what they tell you.

The proposed hairline you drew in is (in my opinion) way too low. That's the hairline of a pre-teen. It's not realistic looking (as you get older, it will look weird) and it uses up a huge amount of your limited donor supply. This would leave you in a terrible position if (when, really) you needed additional hair transplants. You'd have staked out a position that was indefensible, later in life.

Your hair's not bad, I would stay on the meds and forget surgery. It's better for guys with a distinct bald area (no hairline whatsoever). You are in a grey area right now, but still way too early for surgery. Hopefully you can keep the hair you still have, and you never resort to getting a transplant.