View Full Version : Will I go bald before my father

01-01-2016, 10:00 AM
My father has only a receded hairline and thinned crown. He is 46
But me, at my 17 has receded hairline but as far as i remember i had high hairline (a little less than my present situation )

Do you think i will go bald or follow the same pattern as my father.
I don't think he had the same problem at my age.
Will I go bald before my father has experienced hairloss.

My hairline pics are posted in another form .

I am too tensed right now ?
Please some one help//////

01-01-2016, 10:38 AM
More than likely NO, Devilsmaycry !!

You can and will cause serious issues to your hair and your health if you UNNECESSARILY worry and stress-out over anything in life.
Your so young, and because you are you do not have proper insight or foresight as yet.
That is NOT meant to be offensive to you. Im trying to give you objective advice here.....
When you reach the mid to late 20s ,you WILL have the proper foresight and insight.
When you do, you would NOT ALLOW anything in your life to affect you badly.

Have a great New Year Devil' ! Cheers.