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01-01-2016, 09:52 AM
Started oral spiro around 10 months ago I think. Reached my current 200mg dose like 6 months ago. Not long enough to have a great idea of how it is affecting hair....honestly am not sure it has done anything for the alopecia or not. Initial sides were just from the diuretic effect, skin & eyes got much drier despite moisturizer & eye drops. No problems w/ sex drive

However I am quitting now due to more recent sides. Or what apparently are sides. Quality of my skin has gotten worse, some "crepe effect" during certain expressions, as if I have loss of collagen/facial fat or something. & increase in faint brown spots despite using broad spectrum sunblock every day. This definitely was not there when I started the drug. In general I have always had young looking skin. Have looked around the net & other people are experiencing this too but we are a minority of course

Now I will need to get the spots removed by a pro (probably laser but we will see) & will go back on retin-a (quit retin-a around 6 months ago due to irritation+laziness). We will see how reversible it is. Thank f*ck I did not take longer to notice but it is still pretty noticeable to me, as someone who keeps close tabs on his appearance

Also my left nipple f*cking hurts now whenever pressure is applied such as during showers. Not sure if it is related

Some guys seem to have a good or neutral experience on oral spiro. But be careful w/ it, it is definitely a more serious drug than taking Avo or Propecia

01-03-2016, 06:09 AM
Are you taking dut, fin, and oral spiro all at the same time? Are you still losing hairs?

25 going on 65
01-31-2016, 11:48 AM
Are you taking dut, fin, and oral spiro all at the same time? Are you still losing hairs?

Sry for late reply. I do not check the forum often these days

Yes I take all those and use keto shampoo. I have been weening off of spiro, down to 100mg from 200. Did not think it made much difference on my hair but recently buzzed my hair & actually it does look like there is improvement

Overall I would say this regimen is maybe enough to stop hair loss for many guys, at least for several years. However the sides on spiro have been hard to deal w/ for me. My previous post in this thread was maybe a little panicked, a lot of the "crepe effect" turned out to be from extreme dryness....switching moisturizers helped a lot. However the sun spots are still strange for someone using sunscreen every day imo

Also I have early gyno under both nipples....started on the left side, now is on both. Nothing extreme but still a concern. I was pretty shocked how good my hair looked when I buzzed it & it makes me think twice about my decision to quit spiro, especially after years of disappointment w/ more traditional meds (fin+dut slowed down the loss a lot but did not stop it)

Back to your question....MPB at an early age is normally extremely hard to stop let alone reverse. Even dut+fin usually is not enough & adding a real antiandro like spiro or bicalutamide guarantees nothing. If you are serious about stopping MPB or regrowing hair (using meds) then you will need to take big risks like me & sometimes they backfire