View Full Version : Amending the hairline can you check my pic

12-31-2015, 05:23 AM

I want to amend my hairline, i m in the 5th month now and i start see the problem from now

I m totally depressed,
1- the hair is pluggy i can see 2 hairs on the hairline
2- the hair is so systematic and not enough irrgular
3- this hairline is like a giant half circle without frontal temple, i want to make the hairline more receded and higher or even remove the whole hairline and keep the forelock only

Is there a chance to amend these things? unplug, fue extraction, laser, who is the best surgent to do this work ?

I do not want to continue rest of my life with this ugly hair, i always remember my days before this curse come to my life, those 5 months are the worst days in my whole life

i want to be bald in nature way with horeshoe shape

Can i remove the whole thing by laser and back as before?