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12-30-2015, 04:56 AM
So over the year i had a pretty good results with lipogain. before lipo gain i was using nisim from 2010 too 2013 which kept my hair in pretty decent shape, Than from 2013- December of 2014 my hair was in pretty bad shape to almost no hair on top. I guess from quiting everything cause of money problems..

So i had to do something. So i looked up hair products and herd lipogaine was great so i started that and after about 2 to 3 months my hair started to come in again, Than i bought their shampoo big 3 and than i also bought a dema roller and around june there was a big difference in my hair well not perfect but wow much better than before.

Than here's the problem in around end of july i notice alot of shedding and in august it seems like my hair started to go backwards to square one... So i was looking for answers and i notice after july the lipogaine product wasn't as thick or as yellow as it used too.... So i contacted them in end of august and said this stuff is not the same as the old batchs before july.. So after couple emails they sent 3 old batchs just white bottles that says old batchs. So in the mean time i bought some equate minoxidil from walmart till lipogaine comes and also some pills called Propidol which amazon had a bottle for ony 5$ so i bought 2.

So 3 days after the lipogain came so i started to use the minoxidil in the day and i put alot on top of my head and back, than at night the lipogaine which was also nice darkish yellow and thick as before at night.

In about a week i notice my hair stop shedding, And in about a month my hair results started to go forward again. So here i am today and my hair looks and feels better than ever and the whiteish weak hairs are turning thicker and darker and i feel new spiky hairs coming threw.

This is pretty much my routine. minoxidil day- biotin 10k 1pill and sawpewmento 400mgs about 2 to 3 pills and Propidol 1 to 3 pills just before dinner, Than at night i use lipogaine. and once a week with the roller .75mm

And here's the thing what product is doing the most effect? The thing is lipogaine im not sure if i can trust it after i run out of the old batch which is one more bottle left:( Than propidol is no longer on amazon..

It was but went up to 40$ than 2 weeks after it was took off... I kinda believe the cheap minoxidil is helping the most but cant be sure.

So i wanted to know what is another cheap replacement to do with equate minoxidil if i have to get rid of lipogaine if i find out the new bottle i order next time is not the same again.. and pretty much propidol i will have to quit..

Here's some before and after pics also pics from December 2014 to now.

As you can see the first 2 old pics are very very thin under light, The latest pics there is more hair and thicker but it is still thin when under a flash.

i have more pics but would think those show what i went from to what i have now. Oh the very last pic white shirt is one from a month ago. i started to recover what i lost in the shedding from august in about a month or 2. hair is thicker this month than last month November 24th.

12-30-2015, 05:13 AM
Hmm i just notice i posted this in the wrong forum.. can this be deleted from here? i reposted in the right forum..