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12-28-2015, 01:12 PM
Hi all,

I began taking finasteride back in September of 2014 for mild recession and crown thinning. I started taking the drug in small doses and eventually got to 1.25 mg every day. I was on the drug up until may 15th, 2015 because I was getting severe acne breakouts. I quite the medication for 6 weeks and began taking the medication around June 24th, 2015. After being on the medication for 5-7 days, I went in to get my liver enyzmes checked for another drug that I was on for foot fungus and everything came back normal. I remained on finasteride for another 3 months and got back to 1.25 mg every day. Well after being on the medication for 3 months, I went back in to get a liver enyzme check so I could get on another medication for arthritis. My liver enzymes were sky rocketed. My ALT was 178 and my AST was a little higher than normal. I kept taking finasteride and came back a week later to get my liver enzymes checked again and my ALT came down to 100 which is still higher than normal. My doctor was concerned and told me to drop all meds and come back 4 weeks later. So I dropped finasteride for 4 weeks and my ALT came back down to 66. This would indicate that the medication was the reason for my high liver enzymes. The medication was working really well for me and I was wondering if maybe cutting down the dosage or doing and EOD routine could allow me to continue taking the medication. What do you guys think???

12-29-2015, 12:35 AM
Why are you taking more than 1 mg? Are you cutting 5mg Proscar into quarters?

What do you guys think???

I think you should be discussing this question with your doctor. What did he say?