View Full Version : Started balding this year, recently started Propecia and Regaine

12-28-2015, 10:15 AM
Hi all!

Ive been reading a lot of hair loss forums in the last couple of months, so Id like to increase the number of those who are posting about something else than horrific side effects (maybe I will get them with time however, who knows).

My hair started falling and thinning all over my scalp about 4-5 years ago. Didnt give it much significiance, however I always tried to treat it topically with various products. Most seemed to be ineffective, but it just felt good that Im trying to do something about it.

I lost a lot of hair throughout the years, and this year January I noticed my hairline went back a little. Didnt know what to think about it, my father still has a full head of hair, balding didnt even cross my mind. Later, in the beginning of autumn, I noticed some further receding, and my hair got shorter also (I have long hair, metalhead on board, remember). Purchased a dozen of hair supplements, hair vitamins, topical treatments. Nothing seemed helping.

It is not even a month since I admitted: I am balding. Visited my GP who told me there is nothing to do about it, it is in my genes and therefore, it is my destiny. Sent me to do some blood tests though, because the overall shedding/thinning I had for a couple of years, might be some other underlying health issue aswell. As I am out of the country at the moment, I still dont know the results. Furthermore, he refused to prescribe Propecia as he said Im too young for such a dangerous drug (Im 26), and the British NHS doesnt care about such cosmetic issues anyway.

A fews days later, I applied the Boots Hair Retention Programme. After half an hour of consulting with a pharmacist, I walked out with a box of Propecia. I am using it in conjunction with topical minoxidil, which Im applying only once a day due to scalp irritation (I read somewhere that the half-life of topical minoxidil is 22 hours, so might be close to the effectiveness of applying twice a day). My 2% ketoconazole shampoo is on its way from Thailand also.

So there is nothing else left than waiting for the results and being a little scared of side effects. I wouldnt even care about my balding if I didnt have a malformed left ear due to a congenital condition. I would look quite stupid with a shaved head.

Thank you for reading my story, and I apologize for my bad English, Im Hungarian. Further updates are coming.