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12-25-2015, 12:20 PM
18s wayyyy too young for this, but trying to stay optimistic.
Noticed hair loss for the past year -attributed it to a tight ponytail i wore a while ago - when i stopped wearing it i noticed thinning and bald spots
after a year of freaking out about it, i've just started on 1mg finasteride- starting rogaine soon.

keeping this will be a good way for me to deal with all the angst and fear i feel about this, and hopefully for me to report any potential sides and (hopefully) success
i want to be honest and offer anyone else who is going through what i am comfort

will post pics soon :)

12-31-2015, 02:26 PM
i feel you, dude. wishing you the best of luck! will periodically come back to read your reports.

01-04-2016, 09:36 AM
Good luck... I'm 19 and i'll probably jump on fin too...

01-10-2016, 09:38 PM
thanks for responses guys, nice to hear from other people out there

took the plunge and begun the big 3, and buzzed my hair - unfortunately showing to the whole world how bad my loss has gotten (i would say im a NW2-3, with thinning across the entire top of my head in a pretty distinct MPB manner) - but it needed to be done, my hair was so scraggly and unhealthy.

im now applying liquid minox twice a day, fin once, and nizoral a couple times a week
honestly its not that much of an effort - its also mentally good to get into a self-care routine - makes you feel like you're doing something real about this bitch of an affliction

getting ready for big sheds coming up, so i've bought myself some dermmatch - i'd really recommend it if you're like me, it's just something to give you a bit more added confidence and add some colour to those thinning areas. if anyone wants pics, i'm happy to post. it's not an embarrasing thing to have guys - it's hard to remember but EVERYONE out there puts effort into their appearance, people slather themselves in make up every day to cover up acne, so it's more than okay for you to put some stuff on your head to feel a bit better.

stay optimistic, stay happy, and don't let hair loss take over your life - in perspective its nothing. there's so many bitter and angsty people on these forums (not trying to offend, i know it effects people in different ways) and their negativity and obsession can rub off on you and make hair loss a bigger thing than it is. relax and get some perspective.

also, hats hats hats. wear hats.
peace out, will update as i go

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01-11-2016, 09:34 AM
follow up to my last post saying i'd post pictures-

BEFORE BUZZCUT - looks can be deceiving, this was a great photo of a great hair day. what lay beneath...

http://s18.postimg.org/k4q0bbqyt/Photo_on_24_12_15_at_9_25_pm.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/k4q0bbqyt/)

September 2015 approx - underneath was a pretty bad thinning, quite a receding hairline and general not niceness

http://s18.postimg.org/cspm2wf2d/Photo_on_26_12_15_at_2_54_am_2.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/cspm2wf2d/) http://s18.postimg.org/e67lncimd/IMG_1923.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/e67lncimd/)
http://s12.postimg.org/s53stdbzt/IMG_1924.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/s53stdbzt/) The main problem, major balding at the crown - not caused, but most likely instigated by traction alopecia issues. Hair still remains there, interestingly enough
http://s18.postimg.org/uk18hcuh1/Photo_on_26_12_15_at_4_16_am.jpg http://s18.postimg.org/bp0ftto3p/Photo_on_26_12_15_at_2_55_am_2.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/bp0ftto3p/)

http://s18.postimg.org/gq7tv6vk5/IMG_1925.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/gq7tv6vk5/)http://s18.postimg.org/gq7tv6vk5/IMG_1925.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/gq7tv6vk5/)


http://s18.postimg.org/9j1jlkv9h/Photo_on_7_1_16_at_3_14_pm_2.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/9j1jlkv9h/)

http://s18.postimg.org/nyjgkh8at/Photo_on_11_1_16_at_10_11_am_2.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/nyjgkh8at/)

so that's the whole story, up till now. i've started the big 3, and i'm taking them very seriously, so there's nowhere to go but up, both physically and mentally. it's important for me to keep track of all this so i can see my progress as i go.

to anyone out there reading this, who got as unhealthily obsessed as me, do what i'm doing - starting the big 3 marks the beginning of your upward battle against MPB, and seeing a therapist marks you beginning a new journey of self-acceptance and happiness! fight for happiness, not for more hair.

looking forward to updating you guys as the months past with (hopefully) progress pics!

big love x

03-01-2016, 07:27 PM
hello again, it's been about 2 months since i've begun the big 3, so i thought it was time for an update
i take 1mg of propecia (fin) a day, minox (liquid - spray) twice a day, and nizoral a few times a week

the regime is really not much effort at all, doesn't bother me in the slightest, although having short hair makes it way easier i guess

no major side effects yet, minor ball ache here and there but nothing i've been too worried about, nothing to report.

hair wise, i KNOW it's probably jumping the gun to expect results this soon, but i really think there's been a change, particularly around my hairline, funnily enough, because i know this is the hardest area to tackle.

BUT if you compare these two photos, i think you can see a darkening and thickening of the hair around the hairline, which is really promising because they were getting really pail and wispy before i started treatment.


http://s13.postimg.org/k4gyodutv/Screen_Shot_2016_03_02_at_2_22_36_am.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/k4gyodutv/)

my crown which is what started balding first and most noticably, remains so, no improvements there yet, but i remain hopeful. the top of my head is definitely much thinner than that of the back and sides, but it is early days yet so i'm hoping for something to happen.

will keep up regiment and update as i go. thinking of starting to grow the hair out on top a bit, atm i literally am never seen in public without a hat on, which is getting pretty annoying.

early days yet but if anyone reads this lemme know what u think

Fortunate Son
03-02-2016, 10:43 AM
My only advice is that you make these progress photos from the same angle and in the same light, if you can. Because your photos are both so different (one with flash, one without) it's really impossible to see whether or not you have any results.

Wish you the best!