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12-24-2015, 03:01 AM
Im on minox 15 months (once a day), finasteride for 8 months daily

Normal light conditions, i would say im well above bassline, alot of hairs, what looks like vellus but they are not short, they are as long as my other not so see tru hair.

Harsh light, deffinatly much below bassline. it seems like these "minox" hair just dissapear and man it sucks.

I think I started balding 10 years ago, slowly, cause I always had ridiculous thin hair
couldnt do anything with it. (but they did have more color, tried dying my ''minox' hair but it didnt do much)

I'm a slow shedder, before these treatments I would not notice shedding at all.
When I started minoxidil, I had an intense shed, but I did continue in hope for better times.

Now I shed a bit every 3-4 months or so, wispy hairs as well as more thick colored ones.

It does grow hair, so in a way it works if only they would get thicker and get more color that would be a blessing.

Did anyone see these hairs go terminal after 15 months time period? Im losing hope
and I am so confused on if I should stop or continue with this shit.

I look in the mirror and think its not so bad it could be worse, than I go take a shower and see my hair in bathroom lights and just regret hopping on minoxidil

Im thinking 'they need more time, my hair has been shit for a decade' but I guess no one will know for sure if they'll go terminal.

What should I do please help and share your minoxidil experience with me, did it work out for you eventually?

Some people experience amazing results in such short time frame that I think im better off quiting.

Than I read post that if its growing hair continue, that if you had thin hair as a baby(I did) they need alot more time.

I cant make up my mind, please help me