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12-22-2015, 07:18 PM

Hello everyone, I am very concerned about the fall of my hair , I have six months losing hair all over the head , the doctor diagnosed me with seborrheic dermatitis. I have a lot of itching and I had pimples on the right temple area . I 'm Spanish and I would love to know if you see androgenetic alopecia in the pictures, thank you all. :) :)

12-23-2015, 06:06 AM
I'd say you're probably NW2. Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about your hair at the moment. Make sure you treat the seborrhoeic dermatitis, but in terms of MPB, it's not 100% clear whether you have it at the moment (the seborrhoeic dermatitis might be making things look worse than they are as well). I say this, because Norwood Stage 2 doesn't necessarily mean that you are going bald, as in reality, most men recede to NW2 after puberty due to the increase in testosterone (I believe). So there's no need to worry about having an irregular hairline or losing hair, because most men go through this stage. Just try to treat the dermatitis, keep an eye on the hairline and crown through taking photos and checking every once in a while to see if they're the same, and relax because at the moment, everything seems fine.

12-23-2015, 06:30 AM
Nw2 ? . I've always had entries of birth and that way line , his right temple had grains where there were hairs and are now out hair again and are not miniaturized because they have the same thickness as the others, in these six months entries have not advanced not in the least , the left temple has nothing and is not equal to the right , I understand that MBP temples are symmetrical and in my case they are not, I've only lost hair where there were grains and itching and density throughout the head, thanks for the reply

12-23-2015, 06:43 AM
Well in my opinion it looks like NW2, you and others may disagree, which is completely fine, but that's just the way I see it. Some people just always have hairlines that are naturally a bit further back, and MPB doesn't have to always be symmetrical. Yes I did see the miniaturising hairs, but again, I didn't think it looked like you were going to be NW3 with those areas completely gone. But like I say, it's best to keep an eye on it, take action if you think it's needed, but I wouldn't be drastic. Plus the itching and symptoms could be relieved after the treatment for the dermatitis. So unless you're keen to start propecia, I'd probably just treat the dermatitis and keep a regular eye on it to see how it goes.

12-23-2015, 09:31 AM
Any other opinion? Thank you:(

12-23-2015, 10:06 AM
You are not balding !!@$!!@$!$

12-23-2015, 11:40 AM

I leave a picture of me with long hair, short hair and small so you can see the front with which I was born. I like a NW2 ? or which? :confuso:
Thanks broos:)