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12-22-2015, 02:12 PM
Some recent news that I think could be hugely applicable to what Christiano is trying to do with DP cells and JAK inhibitors. I don't know how to contact any of these guys and get a response, but I think for sure these techniques could be applied to hair loss.

1) Reversing aging in cell lines. Could this technique be used to influence DP cells in vitro and help retain their inductivity? or might there simply be a way to use this technique in on scalp cells in vivo? In any case seems like huge news, and they directly mention hair aging and thinning in the essay.


2) Study on a different Kinase inhibitor that I think has the potential to be better than a JAK inhibitor.


"The drug Alk5 kinase inhibitor, which is already being trialled as an anticancer agent, is able to block the growth factor's receptors in mice, stopping it from ageing the body's stem cells. "This is really the first demonstration that we can find a drug that makes the key TGF-beta1 pathway, which is elevated by ageing, behave younger, thereby rejuvenating multiple organ systems." From what I know TGF-1 is directly implicated in hair loss. Instead of simply testing JAK inhibitors, why not add this to the mix? Some people in a european forum have already tried tofacitinib topically with no results. I think this might be because there are different cytokines involved in mpb than in AA, and the key is to really jumpstart the stem cells. Maybe this drug would be better at that. Also inflammation due to PDG2 and other things might be canceling the effect of JAK inhibitors. I think ultimately there isno magic bullet for hair loss other than totally replacing the follicle with an engineered one, or by hitting the different pathways with a couple of things. I think with PDG2 suppression and growth promotion using SM or JAK inhibitors or histogen etc, there will probably be a similar effect as using fin and min, except with a safer side effect profile.

If someone is in touch with Christiano or Cotsarellis or Jahoda or even Spencer, please pass this along. I think especially the second link could have huge usefulness if they haven't already looked into it.

12-22-2015, 02:18 PM

"Our observations suggest that TGF beta 1 is at least partly responsible for regulating hair follicles as a negative growth factor."


"Numerous researchers have directly implicated tgf-b1, and its localized effects on the hair follicles as the most significant factor in androgenetic alopecia."

12-22-2015, 02:45 PM
Also Dr. Christiano please look at this


Huge news on preserving DP sphere inductivity.