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12-21-2015, 08:38 PM
I have a weird question/problem.

I have a receding hairline, I can see the baldness pattern in the middle of my head from my hairline, but I can't let myself cut my hair over it, so I wear it pulled back in the "man bun", but I cover my hairline with KeraFiber (same thing as toppik) it seems to work for me. I get told often I look younger than what I am; I'm 35. Actually, last week when I bought a lottery ticket, the woman asked if I was 18, she was legit shocked when I told her my age.

My problem is, I'm starting school in a full weeks, and I'm going to be there from 7:30am - 4:30pm everyday. I know wearing my hair back for all those hours everyday, especially with the KeraFiber, and gel in my hair the whole time probably won't be good for it, especially since I'm already dealing with a receeding hairline, that seems to be getting worse the last few months.

I was wondering if anyone with long hair has dealt with this? I'm incredibly torn about this, and even thinking about not going to school because of this, because I don't wanna cut my hair and give in to the hair loss. It's school to be a Doctor and I know it's a once of a lifetime chance, especially at my age, and I've been taking classes all year, literally to get to this point, but as many of you know, the hair loss can just take us over, and that's what this decision is doing to me.

I've had it long for about 5 years now, and I just don't wanna cut it over this.

I'm having a ton of stress over this, and not sure what to do. Was hoping for some opinions/similar experiences/advice.


12-21-2015, 11:51 PM
Hey m8,

Can't say i've been in those shoes particularly however, why not find yourself a nice ball cap or a toque??

Toss your hair back and put the hat on.

I wear a hat like 5-6 times a week easily, anytime im not in public though ill just take it off..

Works well to cover up issues

12-21-2015, 11:54 PM
I would recommend taking .5 mg propecia every 3 days. It will kill dht related loss.

Also pullinghair back is fi e just do r pull too tight.

Fin, min, keto are hair loss solutions if you feel like tackling it head on.

12-22-2015, 04:30 PM
Thanks for the replies, guys. I do wear hats often when I don't feel like going through my hair routine, but the thing about that is in school, as I don't wanna pull my hair back daily for 8 hours, I don't wanna wear a hat for 8 hours either. So, that's why I'm so torn..

I actually have been taking .5 mg fin off/on for about 2 years now, I only take it 2 days a week, but my hairline is still losing ground. which is the reason why I'm so worried about pulling it back daily for 8 hours. Just a very stressful overall situation for me