View Full Version : Dr Raghu reddy, the private clinic, Harley street

12-17-2015, 06:25 AM
Hi all,
Just had a two day session of 5500 hairs with Dr.reddy at the private clinic. Just wanted to share my experience.
Had my final day yesterday, I've been receding at hairline for 20 years, very slight thinning in crown also.. Dr decided that we should leave the crown and concentrate on the frontal area, to optimise the grafts left for future loss if needed, which i think was a good choice. The dr and team at the private clinic were very good indeed, all of them very friendly and put me at ease straight away, the morning session is to obviously extract the grafts, there was no pain at all, very slight scratchy feeling as anaesthetic was administered, but nothing to worry about.. The doctor has a very good team around him, they have been together for a number of years, so all know exactly when and what they should be doing, the senior technicians help with graft extraction (shiva) and placement (umar) both obviously very experienced and skilled, the dr had a husband with his wife come in for a consultation and asked me if I would mind if they come up to see me while we were having a break, I didn't mind at all, was happy to talk to them and answer any questions they had, they even commented about how relaxed I was, which I can only put down to the dr and team putting me at ease so well. The clinic give you a menu in the morning to choose your lunch, which I thought was a nice touch. As we went into the afternoon session the grafts were implanted, again.. No pain at all, was surprised, I didn't really even feel uncomfortable.. You can watch tv if you'd like, to be honest I fell asleep a few times! Which shows you how painless the surgery can be.
The hairline design was one of my biggest worries about the whole surgery, the dr, shiva, umar and myself spent a while deciding, which I was very pleased about as its quite a big permanent decision!! After the surgery had finished, if I could have drawn a hairline out myself.. It would have been what the doc and team gave me.. Very pleased! I've taken the donor bandage off this morning, I was very surprised, was expecting a big bloody mess of holes everywhere, but I could barely see anything! Again, a testament to the skill of the team.. Just wanted to get a quick post up, if anyone wants anymore info, about the surgery itself or dr.reddy and clinic, I'll be happy to answer any questions.. I'll put some pics up soon and update more as time goes by.. All id say is if your thinking about a ht, do your research and get as much info as you can, was unsure about it all at first.. But I'm hoping it could be one of the best things I've done, any questions feel free to fire away!
Cheers guys :)