View Full Version : VIDEO Dr. Lindsey Early growth on crown at 5 months McLean VA

Dr. Lindsey
12-10-2015, 10:56 AM
This fellow stopped by a day or 2 ago and is already growing nicely. He'd gotten 1800 to the crown in July...mainly so that he could swim routinely and not have to worry about combing his nice frontal hair back over the bald spot.

Although the crown is a black hole sucking up all hair placed into it...his middle eastern hair is thick and even this early growth covers the crown so that he can swim and emerge from the pool worry free. He'd kind of figured it was a final result. Wait til next summer. And his scar is great. He had a bit of shockloss around the scar, as is expected...and with a #2 cut at 5 months, I think you can see the line where there is a little less hair, but certainly you can't see his scar. In another month that should be resolved as well.

Dr. Lindsey

The video is: