View Full Version : Hair loss for 17 year old me !!!!

12-10-2015, 09:22 AM
I am 17 yrs old and has a huge forehead.
When will i go bald.
My father has receding hairline only in his 40's but he is not bald.
I had always had a big forehead from my childhood itself.
When I was about 13 ,my friends used to comment on it but i never noticed.
But now i am worried of it.
My hairline has receded than i think i had at 7 months before.
Also my right side of my head is thinning whereas the left side hair has excellent thickness. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone notices my forehead. My friends and teachers looks at my forehead when we are in some conversation.
Only one of my uncle in fathers side has baldness.
He is about 50.
Both my uncles in mothers side has more hair than me.
My grandpa on mothers side has lost hair. but is not completely bald. He still has small amount of hair in all parts of his head even in forehead(in his 80's)
I had visited a dermatologist 6 months before but he said nothing and prescribed me a shampoo.
Since then i had been having homeopathic medicines.
No result was seen and also hair loss and receding hairline continued.I could not afford minoxidil.
I want to know at what age i will go bald
Or will the receding stop and will i maintain hair.
Only after getting a job i can think of hair transplant.
Will i have hair until I turn 28 :confused::confused: