View Full Version : I'm 18 years old, is my hairline receding

12-04-2015, 02:35 PM
Hello comrades of baldtruthtalk. I am 18 years old. For the greater part of the last few years my hair has been very long so I never noticed any potential balding signs. But I've been more self-conscious lately and have become aware of what may be a receding hairline or other forms of balding.

Please be completely honest. Much of my identity has been invested in my hair so it would be incredibly hard to part with it. I will do whatever it takes to retain it. This should not be happening to me, I am a kid. The term balding conjures up images of uncles and priests not 18 year old boys.


12-04-2015, 05:44 PM
Relax mang. First of all you look great. The best advice, don't jump into a hair restoration procedure. Next, consult a doctor and get on brand name Propecia. Of course, I'm not a doctor but your doctor will should discuss the details with you. Important, get brand name not generic - if you're wondering why, do your homework. Lastly, enjoy what you have right now and your best bet is to slow the process with Propecia. I would give my girlfriend away for hair like yours.

Remember, relax.


12-04-2015, 07:27 PM
Thank you for the response. I'm in college and not sure when I can next see my doctor but hopefully soon. I'll want to see him before I'm completely bald. This is like trying to fight off an incoming tsunami. Eventually it drowns us all.