View Full Version : H&W HD Video/Dr. Hasson/ 3170 Grafts/ Another Major Repair/15 Months

02-14-2010, 12:02 PM
Here is another major repair result by Dr. Hasson. This patient had a hair transplant in India in 2000. The procedure was carried out using ancient plug technology. I do not think I need to point out the problems with the angulation, direction, size, etc. as it is painfully obvious what the problem was for this patient when he came to see us.

Dr. Hasson counseled the patient in that the work could be reversed but it would not be immediate and it would not be in one session. Two sessions were performed to remove the grafts then a third visit for 3170 grafts was performed to rebuild a proper hairline that looks natural. The result is 15 months post-op.