View Full Version : Donor repletion - bht in scalp

WHTC Clinic
12-01-2015, 03:53 PM
Scalp hair is always preferred over body hair. The characteristics between the two are highly visible to a trained professional. We perform donor re-stocking, also known as 'recharging' or 'farming', the purpose is to extend the use of scalp donor supply. The process is not commonly practiced by most FUE clinics. Mapping and examining every individual patient's donor statistics are important. In the donor area, body hair can minimize the appearance of an overly harvested donor area, reduce the appearance of scarring, and add changes to skin pigmentation. There are positive and negative aspects of using body hair. These cases are unique, and not all individuals are candidates. Not one case is the same, but BHT into the donor can offer benefits with its limitations. On the road to surgical hair restoration, starting off with proper FUE and effective donor management is important.