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12-01-2015, 12:51 PM
Hi people, long time lurker and I've read so many threads it's almost like 'information overload' lol
So, next month (December) I'll be 58 years old yet I still have a considerable amount of hair on top HOWEVER, with increasing age and especially the last several months I've notice when shampooing I can now feel the tell tail horseshoe MPB pattern with my fingers. Also, when exiting the shower I can see my scalp peeking through more and more vs lets say last year.
I don't lose many hairs in the shower but yes they are departing, becoming thinner and appear to be no longer growing =(
QUESTION...will subject age have an effect as to how effective 5%-Minoxidil or Finasteride or maybe even considering the more costly RU5881 will work?

Another two question... at Walmart 30 pillsof generic 5mg-Finasteride is only $9.00 and I would 1/4 the pills for a daily dose of 1.25
Propecia 1mg per month is a whooping $105.09!
Proscar 5mg per month is even more at $208.14 (but they would also be quartered)
Question #2is the Walmart 5mg Fin just as good as Propecia and/or Proscar?
It's time for me to get moving on something, thanks for your feedback.