View Full Version : Cell Gene Therapy World meeting- Japan Regenerative Medicine Summit

11-30-2015, 03:36 PM
Hello guys,
I find something interesting. A new world meeting will take place on 25 to 27 january 2016 at Washington DC.

This congress is for regenerative medecine, gene therapy.


And Replicel will be a speaker for this conference : "How will you capitalize on Japanís novel commercial, partnering and regulatory opportunities for regenerative medicine? "

and another one called : "How foreign cell therapy companies are and can leverage the national regenerative medicine focus in Japan "

source: http://www.bioleaders-forum.com/Content/1-DAY-EXECUTIVE-BRIEFING-ON-JAPAN/10_20/

And there is a conference called : "Overview of Accelerated Regulatory pathways from Japan, EU and US. US FDA Breakthrough designation, European Adaptive Pathway, Japan : Regulator and cell gene therapy industry case studies on lessons learned to date with emerging accelerated regulatory pathways"
Page 7 here :http://www.bioleaders-forum.com/files/cgt_world_brochure.pdf