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WHTC Clinic
11-27-2015, 07:06 PM
Tomorrow won’t take care of itself… If it has been said once, it has been said many times. Make the most of what donor resources you have because hair loss is impeccably progressive. You can undergo hair transplant surgery if you are managing expectations and goals that are realistic. Caring about your donor resources is almost entirely your responsibility. When you seek consultation for hair restoration, take each opinion as if it is one single opinion. No two surgeons have the exact same opinion and skill set. Just like no two patients are exactly alike, medical therapy and surgical hair restoration also have unique limitations. Remember, hair transplantation will not restore one hundred percent of your hair loss, however, it can be performed to create an incredible illusion of coverage.

Hair loss typically occurs at puberty and is highly unpredictable. Regardless of the disposition and circumstances, every single follicular unit in the donor area is genetically blessed and very precious. Having your hair density measured is very important, especially when you start noticing the hair loss. Approximately forty percent of a male’s hair will be gone before it clearly becomes noticeable. Knowing your donor density and being proactive with periodic hair evaluations may effectively provide the necessary motivation to maintain a strict regimen. Not only do hair loss treatments implicate economic effects in individuals’ lives, they may also impose mental and physical effects as well.

Spending the time to explore the perils and benefits of available hair loss treatments is a meddling but necessary process. It’s difficult to face the fact that hair transplant patients and patients on medical therapy will follow this problem much further than they may anticipate. At least by knowing their best interests, individuals can make important decisions about their future. Hair loss progression can be delayed but not stopped.

11-27-2015, 08:30 PM
Where is Dr. Mwamba at with his work on donor regeneration?