View Full Version : 25 & Thinning

11-26-2015, 01:19 AM
Good Morning All,

Long time lurker, finally getting round to posting!

As the title says, starting to thin now and I reckon that today I'll get it shaved as its starting to get a bit embarrassing with folk telling me I'm going bald.

Main issue is my hairline at the front, I have big forehead as it is, so thinking it's probably best to have it all shaved off, opposed to getting a low number. Also for some reason the left side of my hair is further back than the right.

Think a shave all over is the best option?

11-26-2015, 08:53 AM
Shave it all with your hair status? You must be desperate. Honestly, you really do not need to shave... even the hair you have now does not look embarrassing to me.

You could try some very short hair before you decide to do the next step and shave it all away.

Or... keep a long hair style.. I had long hair like you until quite recently... but I my hair was getting embarrassing.

12-01-2015, 09:01 AM
I also don't see the reason to shave your head. Yes, you are loosing hair, but your condition is not so desperate. You may try to save your hair. Start a treatment with Propecia or Rogain (I suggest propecia).