View Full Version : I was wondering if this would be effective!!???

02-12-2010, 04:44 PM
Alright i was reading around and found out that Dr. Lees Minoxidil contains 15% minoxidil but it also contains .1% of Finasteride. Now i know that is a very very small amount of Fin compared to the pill dosage. I was wondering, Would it be a good idea to grind down 1 pill of 1mg of Fin down to a fine fine powder and disolve it into 5% minoxidil? i mean im not sure if anyone has tried it before but would a topical Fin application prove effective? what are cons if anyone has more insight on such thing. Im thinking of buying some walmart 5% minoxidil and grinding down 1 fin pill and just putting it in the minox and disolve it.