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02-11-2010, 08:08 PM
Greetings fellow forum viewers,

Prior to coming to us, this 50 year old patient had a class 3 potential class 4 hair loss pattern with very sparse coverage on the frontal hair line. Recently the patient underwent a CIT session where approximately 2010 grafts were transferred to the front. The hairline & temporal recessions were restored by strategic placement of single-hair grafts and was made easier by a product called AHD (Assist to Hairline Design). The hairline was slightly lowered and was reinforced in the most natural fashion. The naturalness of the new growth signifies a commitment to our patients as we present yet another quality result from CIT hair transplant method.

For individuals who are new to the community, you will find that hair restoration surgery can vary in cost from one clinic to the next clinic. Never pay too little and never pay too much per graft. Never pay per hair, and always remember that you DO NOT have an infinite source of donor hair. Much of the cost associated with CIT includes a large amount of funding to allow for custom instruments, temperature-controlled graft holding stations, and graft counting devices to ensure patients receive exactly what they desire. I look forward to answering any questions, big or small. In hair restoration, prospective patients/patients should educate themselves to avoid the scarring of the “hair mills” (chain clinics) that don’t consistently produce natural looking results in the donor area, or the recipient area. With chain clinics, you don't always know which doctor will be performing your procedure. Look at each clinic’s history of results (video & photo) because in most cases, the results represent hair transplant clinics’ skill level and level of competence.


02-13-2010, 03:35 AM
looks great well done!! nice cosmetic change he must be happy:)

02-18-2010, 12:08 PM
Thanks. Bullinut. We like defined hairlines that appear natural like nothing ever happened. Why go around looking like you have had a hair transplant procedure. Like almost every other cosmetic procedure, there is no cosmetic improvement if patientsí results adversely affect their appearance. The general rule for pricing is not to pay too much and not to pay too little because in almost all cases, the patients pay for the quality they want.

Let's think about all of the clinics who don't have convincing results or convinced patients. Much scarring and on-going problems could be avoided if patients would think about what they want, find the results they want, and actually examine the quality of the results (photo & video) they want.