View Full Version : Is Dermmatch worth the cost?

11-19-2015, 01:19 PM
Hey Guys,

I did a search and couldn't find a thread with an extensive discussion of dermmatch so I decided to make a new one, so I apologize if I missed one.

I am currently using Caboki on a daily basis only on my crown for about a 2 inch spot of thinning. I'm mostly happy with how it has worked. I tried Toppik in the past and liked it because it was cheaper, but I also felt like it had more of a tendency to go straight to my scalp rather than the hair. Caboki has the same issue, to a lesser extent.

My hair has gotten better with propecia and its gotten to the point where I only need caboki for a smaller spot on the crown near my natural "swirl". The issue is that its hard for me to just hit the spot I want, without it getting on the scalp of my natural swirl. That, and by the end of the week, the sink is covered by black powder.

Spencer talks about dermmatch on a regular basis and I was thinking about giving it a try, thinking it might be better for "spot concealing". It's almost $90 on Amazon vs. $40 for caboki for about 6 months (for me). Does any one have experience using Dermmatch and can comment on it?


11-21-2015, 11:37 AM
You can buy it from www.dermmatch.com for $47. I bought it and like it, although I haven't tried any others.