View Full Version : Is that crown thinning or just a hair whorl?

11-16-2015, 12:58 PM

I need your advice friends. Few days ago my friend told me, by looking at the back of my head, that I'm balding. I've got instantly paranoid so I've made a couple pictures to be able to say if I'm really balding or it's just a hair whorl/cowlick. Tbh I don't really know. Because I have short hair on back bottom and on sides and long in the front (long hair starts from very top of my head) it may be just a parting between those two (when I put them down with my hand, it looks definitelly like a parting) I'm torn apart what to think about it. Few years ago I've noticed it and classified it just as a hair whorl - I'm not sure if this one is any diffrent from the previous.

I'm posting few pics (just to let you know that on some of them light is very strong and on some I'm straight after shower). Please, let me know your opinion. I'm 26 btw.4302543026430284302943030

11-16-2015, 01:24 PM
It looks like very very early stage. If I were you I'd get on fin and minox, I think that would virtually regrow everything you've lost, don't wait though. If you can catch it early and stay on the meds you'll be sitting pretty until the cure comes.