View Full Version : Minoxidil 2% liquid form on men - Useless or not ?

11-11-2015, 04:12 PM
22 y/o
Got on minoxidil 2%, genetics, finasteride or the product is actually making me thin even more where I apply it, should I keep applying it where I see small hair or am I just ruining my hair and it won't grow back because 2% ain't enough ?

I'm 22 years old.

I recently notice that my hair was thinning on top in a straight line, since then I panicked, bought finasteride (~1.25mg/day) and minoxidil.

Unfortunately, only the 2% solution was available where I was and I bought bottles for about 2-3 months.

Started using it on the parting line (where it's thinning) and noticed that the parting line is actually getting bigger. There are still small hair everywhere, but I'm not sure if they are miniaturizing and eventually going to fall or if they are going to regrow one day.

If they are indeed shedding because of finasteride and minoxidil, do you think the 2% solution is enough to make them regrow after or I'm just kidding myself ?

11-12-2015, 05:36 PM
This is what it looks like, and I'm not sure if it stopped thinning or not... Anyone has any input to offer ?


WHTC Clinic
11-12-2015, 07:21 PM
You need 6 months to stabilize. From the photos, I see no difference in the area as of now. How long of a period did you start to notice the thinning before attempting the medical therapy?

11-12-2015, 07:28 PM
All these photos were taken like two days ago, I put these three just to show that the parting line is wide with really short hair in the middle (compared to the sides).

I had a man bun so I didn't really notice that much, but one day (maybe 2-3 months ago) I just woke up and realized hey... there's a parting line even when my hair are tied up, this shit ain't normal ! I tried to cover it like an idiot by brushing "more hair" to the middle, but I probably put even more tension on the hair and made them fall even more...

So I started minoxidil and stopped the man bun when it obviously was getting worst. I can say I lied to myself for a good month before starting to do anything :/

I've been taking 1.25mg proscar every day for a month now and minoxidil for about a month and a half.

I can show you right one one picture where I comb the "frontal" hair forward, it really shows how thin / miniaturized they seem to be... I'm really scared that this front part also thins and that I have no other choice but to buzz for the time it "regrows" (if it ever does).

The only thing that I'm pretty sure, is that since I started the treatments, the thinning is worst... The small hair when I comb my hair back were not there a month ago, and now I have a good bunch ! I read a lot about the "blah blah if it's thinning it's working" but I can't seem to convince myself that the minoxidil 2% can actually help after reading how everybody only mention the 5% foam...