View Full Version : Questions about hair cycle, hair lengths, miniaturization and TE + My discoveries

11-11-2015, 11:53 AM
Hi there,

Over the past few months I've been worried about balding/MPB. I've looked at lots of forums and done lots of research and I still can't decide if I've got MPB or not.


-No family history of MPB
-No receding hairline
-Thinning feels diffuse

7 years ago I started dying my hair with permanent dye (Ammonia & Peroxide based). Since then, more hair would come out in the shower. The problem is, I used to only wash my hair once every two weeks - sometimes longer because I didn't want the dye to wash out (even though it was permanent). Also I'm blonde haired and I dyed my hair black, so partly it seemed more noticeable.

In those 7 years, my hair felt thinner but did not get progressively thinner.

Back in May/June I dyed my hair again as usual. I never told anyone when I started doing it 7 years ago, but the dye always burned my scalp a little bit. I was afraid my parents wouldn't let me dye my hair if they thought it was dangerous so I never told them.

Around August, I noticed I was shedding everywhere and got very paranoid about hairloss and started looking on the internet and was thrown into a panic about MPB.

Here are the first questions:

1) Can a hair stay in the telogen phase for more than 4 months?
2) Is it possible that a hair can simply freeze its growth?

It's now November, I haven't dyed my hair since May/June and my hair is an ugly combination of blonde and black where the roots have grown through. There's a good few inches of blonde roots. Most of my hair at the back, front, crown and sides is almost completely blonde.

However, often I get completely black hairs falling out. These hairs have not grown whatsoever since I last dyed them 5-6 months ago, there is no blonde on them whatsoever. Some of these are even short hairs from the back of my head.

Considering the telogen stage is supposed to last 2-4 months, why have these hairs not fallen out sooner? And considering that there is no blonde on them at all, they must have stopped growing exactly since I last dyed them at the very latest. How is this possible? Can hair growth just freeze for months?

I should also mention that so far, I have not shed a single blonde hair. Only hair with black dye on it.

The next questions are about miniaturization:

3) How long does it take a miniaturized hair to go through its cycle?
4) Are tapered ends a sure-fire sign of miniaturization or can they also be caused by something else?

The reason I ask this is because from what I understand, miniaturized hair can be identified by the tapered tip. All hair tapers at the end, but due to the average growth cycle of a hair - we get our hair cut a few times before then and the ends look clipped.

I always look at my shed hairs and 90% of them are clipped at the end. Sometimes though I see the occasional tapered one. These hairs don't necessarily look unhealthy, fine or like they've lost their pigment.

I can't find much information on tapered hairs, but most people use them as a sign of miniaturization. I saw a few people say that it's natural to shed a few tapered hairs as they are 'intermediate' hairs, but I don't know why this would be normal.

Could this be caused by the fact that not all hair grows at the same length? For example the hair at the side of the face just before the sideburn rarely grows at the same length as hair at the back of the hair or on top. Wouldn't this mean that these hairs have naturally shorter cycles and therefore appear tapered?

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any questions. I'd really like to know if I'm suffering from MPB or some kind of TE or perhaps even a scalp condition.