View Full Version : Consistent shedding since minox 5%

11-08-2015, 04:41 PM
Hi there,

I'm 22 years old, and I have thinning hair.

I started minox (2% liquid) about 1.7 years ago. I wasn't really balding back then, but my hair dresser told me my crown was thinning a little bit. Anyway, I had an initial shed, but that halted pretty quickly. 7 months later, I asked my dermatologist for the 5% version (for no reason). I didn't shed, until 3 months in. And it has not stopped since. I've been shedding all summer, and it's only gotten worse last month.

I also shed A LOT more in the front of my scalp, and the hairs all look 'healthy'. As in, the same as the hair on my sides.

Did anyone ever experience this? I have been shedding continuously for 3-4 months now. Could this be related to the minox? It's depressing how my hair has thinned everywhere I applied the minoxidil. This was definitely not the same when I was on the 2% version 7 months ago. My crown actually stayed the same from when the barber first mentioned it. It's just the rest of the top of my scalp that has gotten equally thin all over...

Anyway, I'm on fin as of a week ago, so maybe that might help a bit.

Cheers :)